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Welcome to Camp Pacs!

For over two decades we’ve been packing up innovative, custom care packages filled with high quality products while keeping your child’s preferences in mind. At Camp Pacs, toys and gift packages are all the rave. Whether your child is away at camp, attending college or boarding school, having a birthday or special occasion, we are your one stop shop!

I’m a Mom and whenever my children, Brittany and Mary Elizabeth, are away from me, I like to think they’re receiving the same TLC they receive at home. I understand that whatever a parent sends to a child has to be of the best quality, right for his or her age, loads of fun, and most importantly, filled with love from home.

Having a child away from home is so much easier when you can send your love with a Care Package. We create each and every care package with all this in mind! And if you’re ever in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, visit our gift store, Main Street Ltd in Brevard.

Ann Hollingsworth

President, Camp Pacs


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