Happy Campers

Happy Campers

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What Our Customers Have to Say…

Thank you so much for JoJo’s CampPac.  Sorry I didn’t thank you last year.  I’ve been getting sick a lot.  I am just on my feet!  i will get this out Saturday.  Also, you sent something really Great for JoJo! It’s called  FlipNCheck Activity games.  When brought home, he didn’t understand it, but he and I use it together.  It is helping him with fine motor skills.  He also stated he wants to thank you too!   Your company is great.  You take in all kinds of kids and make their package super to each child.  Special needs kids and Regular ones.  You have always helped JoJo.  Because he is special needs age about 8/9 years old.  Thanks again.  You have been blessed by God.  I love your company so much because your company cares so much about each child!  See you next year!  ~ Mrs. G

Hello Again! I see this is out for delivery today!  That is amazing and I am so thankful.  You guys are the best!  I will definitely use this service again.  ~ Laura S.

Hi Mary, My package was a great success. It arrived a few days later than you thought, but that was not a problem.  She couldn’t believe the package was for her!  The pillow has been autographed and will be kept as a great memory for her.  We will send her another one next year – she loves this camp and has gone there for 4 years now.  ~ Judy B.

Ann, My son just came back from Camp Judea today. I sent him one of your Camp Pacs to be there on his first day.  Not only was it there waiting for him BUT under “favorite animal” for stuffed toy selection, I listed “other:  guinea pig” though I NEVER believed your folks would actually find one and send it to him.  I figured you just had a collection of dogs, cats and horses or something.  Well, Noah got a guinea pig.  It made his day!  This was one of the first things he told me when he came home.  He thought the whole pac was very cool.  We will definitely order from you next summer.  ~ Janet M.

To Ann:  Good package.  Please do my camp pac this year.  Thank you, Joseph